Economic Support

BREAKING NEWS: On May 3, 2024, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services posted a regulation that will make DACA recipients eligible to purchase health coverage and subsidies (depending on their income) on and state-run health care marketplaces established under the Affordable Care Act. The regulations go into effect November 1, 2024. NILC will be updating its health care resources to reflect this change.

daca The resources on this page provide information about eligibility and other rules governing immigrants’ access to federal and state economic support programs. About half the states have spent their own money to cover at least some of the immigrants who are ineligible for federally funded services. Several states or counties provide health coverage to children and/or pregnant women, regardless of their immigration status. Many state-funded programs, however, have been reduced or eliminated in state budget battles. In determining an immigrant’s eligibility for benefits, it is necessary to understand the federal rules as well as the rules of the state in which an immigrant resides.

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Access to Health Care, Food, and Other Public Programs for Immigrant Families under the Trump Administration: Things to Keep in Mind When Talking with Immigrant Families

At NILC, we are vigilantly monitoring the Trump administration’s changes to existing policy. This publication is intended to clarify what has and has not changed with respect to the rules and policies that affect immigrants’ access to health, nutrition, and other critical programs. We invite you to use it as a resource when you speak with immigrants and immigrant families.