THE COMMUNITY EDUCATION MATERIALS available from the pages linked to below were developed by NILC, the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC), and other agencies to address issues of concern to low-income immigrants.

Public Charge
“Public charge” is a term used by U.S. immigration officials to refer to a person who is considered primarily dependent on the government for subsistence.

Affidavits of Support | Sponsored Immigrants & Benefits
An affidavit of support is a contract signed by a green card applicant’s sponsor to show that the person applying for the green card (i.e., applying for lawful permanent resident status) is not likely to become dependent on the government for subsistence, or a “public charge.”

Know-Your-Rights Alerts & Information
Everyone Has Certain Basic Rights, No Matter Who Is President | When Encountering Law Enforcement | Immigration Raids | Immigration Enforcement at Health Care Facilities | Other Immigration EnforcementParticipating in Demonstrations | National Origin Discrimination

Immigrant Eligibility for Disaster Assistance (PDF)
Which disaster services are “unrestricted” or “restricted”? In a mixed-status household, who’s eligible for what? What if ID or other documents are lost or destroyed? Does accepting disaster services make a person a “public charge”? May nonprofit agencies provide services to people who can’t provide proof of their immigration status?