IRA Charitable Contribution

IRA Charitable Contribution

IRA gifts (sometimes referred to as IRA charitable rollovers or Qualified Charitable Distributions) are a tax-efficient way to give to NILC from your retirement savings.

Join other NILC supporters who are fueling the fight for immigrant justice with a gift from their IRAs.

  • If you’re over 70 ½ with a traditional IRA, you’re eligible to benefit from an IRA gift. It’s usually tax-free.
  • For those who are 73 and older, it’s a humanitarian way to satisfy your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for this year.

For your IRA Charitable Distribution to count for the current tax year, you must submit the required forms in time for your IRA custodian to process your request by December 30. It usually takes 5-10 business days from the day your request is received by your IRA custodian to the day the nonprofit receives the gift, but the end-of-year period is especially busy for IRA custodians and charities, so wait times may be longer. If there are any questions or concerns, you should reach out to your IRA custodian directly.

For questions about an IRA contribution, please contact Tiffanie Luckett at [email protected].