Workers’ Rights

dacaAll workers, no matter where they were born, should be able to work free from fear that they will be underpaid or placed in a dangerous environment. Sadly, this isn’t the case for many low-income immigrant workers in this country. Through a variety of tactics, including know-your-rights trainings, policy analysis, and raids response, NILC defends the fundamental rights of all those working in the U.S.

Workers' Rights InformationLitigation

COVID-19:  Workers’ Rights and Safety
FAQ: Immigrant Workers’ Rights and COVID-19
Resources | COVID-19 Crisis and Consequences

Worksite Immigration Enforcement
Department of Homeland Security’s Worksite Enforcement Memorandum: What You Need to Know
Backgrounder: Worksite Immigration Raids
Lessons from East Tennessee: A Toolkit for Organizations Responding to Mass Worksite Immigration Raids
What Worker Advocates Should Know About I-9 Audits
Worker’s Rights Protections in Immigration Enforcement Reform (NGA, NILC, Jobs with Justice)
Immigration and Labor Enforcement in the Workplace: The Revised Labor Agency–DHS Memorandum of Understanding (NELP & NILC)
What to Do if Immigration Comes to Your Workplace (a guide for employers)

Social Security Numbers and “No-Match” Letters
Social Security No-Match Letter Toolkit
Basic Facts about the Social Security Number Verification Service
Know Your Rights about the Social Security Number Verification Service
Facts About the Internal Revenue Service’s “No-Match” Letter

Workers’ Rights and Access to Lawful Status
FAQ: New DHS Guidance on Prosecutorial Discretion for Labor Disputes 
U.S. Department of Labor’s New Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Immigration-Related Prosecutorial Discretion: What You Need to Know
DACA and Your Workplace Rights
How the 2014 Executive Actions on Immigration Impact Workers’ Rights
The U Visa and How It Can Protect Workers
The POWER Act: Protect Our Workers from Exploitation and Retaliation Act (reintroduced Nov. 2019)
Prosecutorial Discretion & Immigrant Workers: Recommendations for Implementation

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Verification Nation: How E-Verify Affects America’s Workers