Guide to Immigrant Eligibility for Federal Programs UPDATE PAGE

Guide to Immigrant Eligibility for Federal Programs

This update page is intended to provide users of the Guide an additional resource. It is not intended to be a comprehensive updating of the book. Because statues, regulations, and agency policies change over time, Guide users should always check to make sure they have the most current information available.

INSERT Errata and Updates (PDF). This insert provides (1) corrections for errors that were not caught and corrected before the fourth edition of the Guide was published in 2002, and (2) updates for a few portions of the book whose updating does not require extensive redrafting of the book’s text.
DOCUMENTS Documents Typically Used by Lawfully Present Immigrants. This table lists the categories of non–U.S. citizens who are recognized as “lawfully present” in the United States for various purposes, as well as the immigration documents such people typically have. This table is not included in the Guide to Immigrant Eligibility for Federal Programs.
TABLE 1: Overview of Immigrant Eligibility for Federal Programs
102–03 TABLE 8: State-Funded TANF Replacement Programs
108 TABLE 9: State-Funded SSI Replacement Programs (PDF)
116–17 Child Care (updated text and table – PDF)
& 126–27
Medical Assistance Programs for Immigrants in Various States. This table replaces both the Medicaid and the CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) tables, i.e., tables 10 and 11.
133 Food Stamps. This article provides an update on immigrants’ eligibility for food stamps.
134–35 TABLE 12: State-Funded Food Assistance Programs
Social Security Protection Act Adds Requirement for Non–U.S. Citizen Applicants, Immigrants’ Rights Update, Apr. 2, 2004, p. 8.
150–51 Low-Income Home Energy (LIHEAP) and Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP) (updated text and table – PDF)
152–54 Rental Housing Programs (updated text and table – PDF)
160–61 Legal Services Corporation–Funded Legal Services
• Updated text and table (PDF)
• LSC Laws & Regulations: Part 1626 – Restrictions on Legal Assistance to Aliens
162–64 DISASTER ASSISTANCE: Food, Shelter, Cash Payments, Loans, and Other Help for Survivors of Major Disasters