NILC Webinars & Conference Calls

NILC Webinars & Conference Calls

The National Immigration Law Center would like to keep you informed about the latest developments regarding the rights of low-income immigrants. Join us for webinars in which we have experts discuss different policies and issues impacting immigrants. See below for more information.

Preparing for the Upcoming Supreme Court Hearing on DACA (10/29/19)

What’s Next for DACA? Supreme Court, Legislation & More (7/1/19)

The Muslim Ban Decision & Family Incarceration (6/29/18)

Public Charge, DACA & Other Immigrants’ Rights Issues (4/17/18)

Immigrant Tax Issues 2018: ITIN Renewals and Filings, DACA, Tax Reform, and the Child Tax Credit (2/8/18)

Update on DACA and the Dream Act (1/10/18)

Passing the Dream Act (12/8/17)

Webinar on Trump’s DACA decision (9/7/17)

Defend DACA & Immigrants (8/18/17)

Immigrant Rights’ Updates: DACA, Supreme Court and More (6/26/17)

Moving Forward: Reflections and Strategies Following Six-Month Haitian TPS Extension (5/25/17)

Immigrant Rights Updates (5/17/17)

Immigration Updates: Public Charge, Congressional Budget and Litigation News (3/24/17)

Know Your Rights and Options: A Webinar for Community College and Adult School Students (3/10/17)

Refugee and Muslim Ban 2.0 and DACA Updates (3/9/17)

ICE Raids: What is Happening & How to Respond (2/13/17)

Health Care Options for Immigrants: Options and Barriers (2/17; name and email address required)

Opciones de cuidado de salud para inmigrantes: Opciones y barreras (2/17; name and email address required)

Trump’s Executive Order Banning Certain Refugees & Immigrants from Muslim Countries (1/30/17)

Trump’s Immigration Executive Orders & Resistance to Them (1/26/17)

ITIN Renewals & ITIN Tax Filing Issues for Immigrants (1/10/17)

Post-Election Immigrants’ Rights Updates (12/13/16)

Know Your Rights: Educators for Immigrant Youth (11/22/16)

Tips for Enrolling Immigrant Families in Health Coverage through Medicaid,
CHIP and the ACA

Immigration Issues & the Election (11/10/16)

Updates & News on Immigrants’ Rights Issues (10/14/16)

Immigrants and Health Care – Preparing for the Next Administration and Immigration Reform (10/6/16)

Providing Health Care to Undocumented Residents (10/4/16)

Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. Texas case (6/24/16)

Taxes & DACA: What Do I Need to Know? (3/2/16)

DAPA, Expanded DAPA and the Courts: What Will 2016 Bring? (12/10/15)

Immigrant Eligibility and Enrollment for Health Programs in California (11/17/15)

Decision from Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Texas v. U.S. case (11/10/15)

Overview of Immigrant Eligibility Policies and Enrollment Processes for Medicaid, CHIP and the Affordable Care Act Marketplace (10/21/15)

Updates and Action Alerts: Enforcement, DACA, and Litigation (7/17/15)

DACA Webinar Featuring Rep. Luis Gutierrez (6/10/15)

The Texas Decision and Other Executive Action Updates (5/27/15)

DAPA and Expanded DACA: What You Need to Know (4/17/15)

President Obama’s Immigration Initiatives (3/24/15)

Administrative Relief: The Impact on California and the Health Coverage Link (2/26/15)

The President’s Executive Action on Immigration (12/17/14)

What Immigrant Workers Need to Know About Their Tax Obligations: Common Questions About Filing Federal Income Tax Returns (10/14/14)

Innovative Strategies for Providing Health Care to Low-Income Immigrants (6/25/14)

DACA Renewals News & Updates (5/30/14)

Latinos in the Deep South Webinar: Update on Immigration Reform and Immigration Policies (NILC on panel) (5/27/14)

Health Care Reform and Immigration Status in California (5/13/14)

Immigrants and Health Care in California (3/14/14)

Navigating the Application Process for Families That Include Immigrants (2/21/14)