NILC Responds to Defeat of ACA Replacement Bill

March 24, 2017

Juan Gastelum, [email protected], 213-375-3149

NILC Responds to Defeat of ACA Replacement Bill

WASHINGTON — Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday failed to reach a consensus and were forced to abandon their efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, dealing a blow to President Trump and GOP lawmakers who for years have promised to do away with the law passed under the Obama administration.

Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, issued the following statement:

“For seven years, we’ve seen access to our health care system improve for millions of Americans thanks to the Affordable Care Act, which, while not perfect, has saved countless lives and livelihoods. Key components of this landmark law provide the cornerstone upon which our society should build a system that provides health care for all.

“This Republican health care legislation, in contrast, would have been worse than repeal alone. The proposed bill would have left tens of millions of people across our country—including many immigrants—without access to health insurance. It was a bad deal for everyone, and we are all better off for its defeat.

“President Trump should know by now that every one of his attempts to further disenfranchise vulnerable populations, including immigrants, will be met with resistance. This is the first of many fights to come. Whether it’s in Congress, in the courtroom, or working alongside our partner organizations and communities, we will continue to fight back against any attack on our families.”

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