FAQ: Reverification of Employment Eligibility

Reverification of Employment Eligibility

APRIL 2023

All employers in the United States must verify that their employees are authorized to be employed in the U.S., and usually they must do this within the first three days of hire. Workers present documents to prove their identity and that they are authorized to work. Reverification occurs when an employer asks workers to present their documents an additional time to prove that they continue to be authorized to work. Usually an employer does this because the document an employee presented showed that the worker had temporary authorization to work and that authorization has expired or is about to expire.

The FAQ available by clicking on the PDF icon above answers the following questions:

  • When should my employer verify or reverify my employment eligibility and look at my documents?
  • Once I have shown my employer acceptable documents from List A or Lists B and C of the I -9 form, is the employer allowed to ask me to show more documents or ones that are different from those I chose?
  • Does E -Verify count as a reverification?
  • Under what circumstances is it not okay for my employer to reverify my eligibility to work?
  • I have temporary protected status (TPS), but my employment authorization card is expired. I have been told that the government automatically extended the work authorization of people in my situation. But my employer refuses to believe me. What should I do?
  • What can I do if I believe my employer has discriminated against me?

Download the FAQ by clicking on the PDF icon, above.