Toolkit | Access to Postsecondary Education

Toolkit | Access to Postsecondary Education


Background on Tuition Equity Measures

State Laws & Policies

Map: State Laws & Policies on Access to Higher Education for Immigrants

Tables: Laws & Policies Improving Access to Higher Education for Immigrants

Model Language: Tuition Equity

Student Profiles

Estimates of Eligible Students

Undocumented Youth Comprise a Small Segment of the Student Population

Children of Unauthorized Immigrants in the United States

High School Students and Graduates Who Are Undocumented

State-Specific Educational Attainment Data

Sample State Fiscal Analyses

Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New YorkTexas, Virginia, Washington

Social & Economic Impact of Improving Access to Higher Education for Immigrant Students

General Findings from a 2008 Report

Investing in Post-Secondary Education Yields Higher Earnings and Increased State Revenues

Tuition Equity Policies Reduce Drop-Out Rates and Increase Access to College

A State’s Economic Competitiveness Depends on Maintaining a Highly Educated Populace

Resources on Social & Economic Contributions of Immigrants

Legal Challenges

Tuition Equity Laws Have Withstood Legal Challenges

Banning Students from Enrolling in Postsecondary Institutions

Resources for Organizers

Framing the Message: Improving Access to Higher Education for a State’s High School Graduates, Regardless of Their Status

Letters, Testimony & Videos

Fact Sheets & One-Pagers

Action Alerts

News Articles & News Videos

Resources on Financial Aid, Scholarships & Student Advocacy Groups

Resources on Financial Aid & Scholarships for Students Regardless of Status

Immigrant Rights, Student Advocacy Groups & Other Resources

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