NILC Comment on Supreme Court Order on the Muslim Ban

December 4, 2017

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NILC Comment on Supreme Court Order on the Muslim Ban

WASHINGTON — This afternoon,  the U.S. Supreme Court announced a stay of the injunctions in the Fourth and Ninth Circuit court cases against President Trump’s Muslim ban, allowing Muslim Ban 3.0 to take immediate effect.

The stay will impact travelers and others who previously were allowed to be reunited with loved ones. The order was silent on the merits of the claims in IRAP v. Trump or Hawaii v. Trump

Below is a statement from Karen Tumlin, legal director of the National Immigration Law Center:

“This Supreme Court order is a devastating blow for all of us who oppose the Muslim ban and confirms the fears of so many in the Muslim community. For families wishing to be reunited with loved ones or others, the instability and uncertainty they currently face when they travel will only be made worse by this order. Furthermore, it will embolden a president who has made blatantly Islamophobic statements and fanned the flames of discrimination and a white supremacist agenda one tweet at a time.

“All of us—regardless of where were were born or the way we pray—should be treated equally. Any form of the Muslim ban is an attack on the values we aspire to as a nation, and we will continue to stand with community leaders and all those affected to ensure that such hateful and divisive policies have no home here.”