Freedom to Thrive: Priorities for Executive Action on Immigration in 2021

Priorities for Executive Action on Immigration in 2021

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In 2021, the Biden administration will have the opportunity — and mandate — to undo four years of divisive and harmful immigration policies put into place by the previous administration and, to the relief of millions of immigrants across the country, has pledged to do so beginning on day one. Under the Biden administration, the United States can again become a nation that welcomes immigrants and refugees.

Restoring our country’s rightful place as a beacon for immigrants seeking a better life for themselves and their families will require both administrative and legislative action, and undoing the more than 400 anti-immigrant policies set forth by the previous administration may take years; however, the priorities outlined in this document reflect executive actions that can create immediate and transformative change. These priorities are offered amid a devastating pandemic, grounded in the belief that there can be no recovery without immigrants and that we must begin the work of creating a 21st century immigration system that recognizes the essential role of immigrants in our society while ensuring that we continue to create opportunities for everyone in our country to be healthy and have the freedom to thrive.