Support a Clean Dream Act

Support a Clean Dream Act

OCTOBER 20, 2017

Call your members of Congress today: 1-202-225-3121

The 2017 Dream Act would provide a pathway to U.S. citizenship for over 2.1 million undocumented young immigrants. It would provide a permanent, legislative solution for undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children but have no pathway to legalize their immigration status. Donald Trump’s termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program put their livelihoods at further risk, and the Dream Act would provide a permanent solution for them and other undocumented young people.

While we need a permanent solution for our undocumented young people, we know anti-immigrant extremists are hoping to use them as bargaining chips for draconian measures on the Trump administration’s white supremacy wish list. That’s why we’re fighting for a clean Dream Act.

What would a clean Dream Act be?

A clean Dream Act means a Dream Act that creates a pathway to citizenship without additional immigration provisions that harm our communities. It means:

NO additional “border security,” aka border militarization and “the Wall”

No increased surveillance, invasion of privacy, and racial profiling of communities of color by the Border Patrol. Border Patrol officers have a long history of racial profiling and abuse towards communities of color. One in five “Dreamers” lives in a border community. An increase in border enforcement is a direct attack on immigrant youth and their families who are just trying to live their everyday life. A clean Dream Act has no room for more militarization and it certainly has no room for any kind of wall, which is simply unnecessary and costly for U.S. taxpayers. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently released a report which concludes that our southern border is the most “secure” since at least “2000, and likely since the early 1970s.”

NO additional interior enforcement, aka mass deportation and criminalization of our communities

We cannot allow for immigrant youth to be used as a bargaining chip, a means of deporting the rest of our immigrant community. An increase in interior enforcement would mean an increase in raid operations and in the criminalization and deportation of our communities. It would mean an increase in family separation and in fear in our communities.

NO more detention centers, aka overcrowded, for-profit jails with inhumane conditions

Increased funding for detention would mean more money in the pockets of for-profit prison corporations and an increase in the inhumane treatment of immigrants and refugees being held while waiting for their court dates.

NO mandatory E-Verify, aka locking people out of the workforce

Mandatory E-Verify without legislation to authorize the currently undocumented workforce does not work. It only makes it harder for people to work and pay taxes while creating an underground economy. And it limits businesses’ ability to hire the workers they need.

Immigrant youth should not be used as bargaining chips to enact harmful immigration enforcement policies. We cannot afford to wait one more day. Congress must pass a clean DREAM Act now!

Download our Clean DREAM Act one-pager (PDF).

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