Victims of Crime | U-Visas

Victims of Crime | U-Visas

U Visa Toolkit for Law Enforcement Agencies and Prosecutors

The U visa is a federal program available to immigrant victims of crime who are helpful to law enforcement. U visa applicants must submit, among other documentation, a law enforcement certification. This toolkit provides details on the U visa program and guidance on how law enforcement agencies, in particular police and prosecutors, can develop a certification practice. (National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project at American University, Washington College of Law, Vera Institute of Justice, and Legal Momentum)


Adjudicating Stay Requests Filed by U Nonimmigrant Status (U-Visa) Applicants (PDF)

Guidance dated Sept. 24, 2009, from David J. Venturella, acting director, Detention and Removal Operations, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to ICE field office directors. Venturella writes: “This memorandum provides guidance to [ICE] Office of Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) Field Office Directors (FODs) about the factors to consider when adjudicating requests for a Stay of a Final Administrative Order of Removal filed by an alien with a pending petition for U Nonimmigrant Status (U-visa).”

William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act (Public Law No. 110-457)


Rule Allows “T” and “U” Nonimmigrants to Adjust to Lawful Permanent Residence

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Federal Financial Aid for College Available to Qualified Battered Immigrants

Benefits for Immigrant Survivors of Trafficking, Domestic Violence, and Other Serious Crimes in California (PDF)

California SB 1569 provides state and local benefits to immigrant survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and other serious crimes under the same rules that apply to refugees. Read here about the benefits they may receive and what they need to show in order to obtain them. (NILC, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, California Immigrant Policy Center)