Toolkit | Access to Driver’s Licenses

Toolkit | Access to Driver’s Licenses



Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs)

Requiring Driver’s License Applicants to Produce an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Prevents Otherwise-Eligible People from Obtaining a License

Why? Because new IRS rules on obtaining an ITIN will prevent otherwise-eligible people from obtaining a license. And otherwise-eligible applicants may not have been able to obtain an ITIN because they have not filed a tax return. (NILC)

National Taxpayer Advocate 2012 Annual Report to Congress (Vol. 1)

Report to Congress identifying some of the most serious problems encountered by taxpayers in paying taxes. Includes discussion of ITINs. (Taxpayer Advocate Service)

Countering Allegations of Fraud

Driver’s License Fraud in Other States

Examines myth of fraud in other states that have expanded access to driver’s licenses. (Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut*)

SB 957: Protections Against Fraud

Fact sheet Q&A that reviews SB 957’s protections against fraud. (Highway Safety Coalition*)

Fighting Driver’s License Fraud: Putting Practical Solutions Over Politics

Fact sheet to counter efforts to repeal New Mexico’s driver’s license law based on allegations of widespread fraud and includes practical solutions to minimize fraud. (Somos Un Pueblo Unido)

Fraud and Driver’s Licenses

Discussion of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s measures to prevent fraud in applications for driver’s license. (CASA de Maryland*)


State Fiscal Reports

Cost Analysis Based on Other States

“This short memo aims to estimate the cost of implementing the proposed driver’s license expansion to undocumented immigrants in Connecticut by taking advantage of the recent analyses of similar, successful legislation in Illinois, Maryland, and Oregon by those states’ legislative analysis offices.” (Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut*)

Costs of Imposing Immigration Status Requirements in States Without Them

  • New Mexico — Fiscal Impact Reports for HB 606 and SB 521 (Legislative Finance Committee)
  • Washington — HB 1577: Fiscal Note (Office of Financial Management)

* This organization gave NILC permission to upload this item to NILC’s website.