Take Action: Urge President Biden to Welcome Asylum-Seekers with Dignity and Compassion

Seeking asylum is a fundamental human and legal right. Yet migrants at our southern border — who are fleeing violence and persecution — are being dehumanized, denied due process, and forcibly returned to the very dangers they fled. This is unlawful and morally wrong. 

President Biden was elected by a multi-generational, multi-racial coalition on a promise of repudiating the previous administration’s anti-immigrant agenda and building a 21st-century immigration system. Instead of keeping these promises, the Biden administration has doubled down on a failed and inhumane strategy of “deterrence.”

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Letter we will send to President Biden: 

Dear President Biden,

Seeking asylum is a fundamental human and legal right. Yet migrants at our southern border — including thousands of Haitians who survived devastating natural disasters and political violence — are being dehumanized, denied due process, and forcibly returned to the very dangers they fled.  

We urge you to direct the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to immediately stop all expulsions and deportations to Haiti; end Title 42 expulsions for all migrants; end all policies that deprive people of their right to seek humanitarian protection. The forced expulsions of Haitians are not only illegal and immoral — they are part of a decades-long history of anti-Black immigration policies that impact Haitian migrants. 

You campaigned on a promise to deliver a more humanitarian approach to immigration AND a commitment to racial justice. It’s crucial that your administration follows through in the following ways: 

  1. Immediately stop all deportations to Haiti and end all policies that deprive people of their rights to seek protection at the border.
  2. Take immediate steps to end the cruel and unlawful Title 42 expulsion policy for all migrants and restore access to asylum at the border, including at ports of entry. 
  3. Fight to end the cruel Remain in Mexico program.
  4. Build a just and humane asylum system that recognizes our humanity and protects the rights of all.
  5. Employ a humanitarian approach to immigration. 

The cruel and inhumane treatment of migrants at our southern border needs your immediate attention. The world is watching, and we must do right by those who have been wronged by our immigration system. We must ensure all people seeking refuge in our country are welcomed with dignity and respect.