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Co-Sponsor the LIFT the BAR Act

Dear Member of Congress,

Will you cosponsor the LIFT the BAR Act? This legislation would allow lawfully present immigrants to access public assistance programs without harmful waiting periods and bureaucratic differentiations by immigration status. During the pandemic, many immigrants and their loved ones don’t have access to health insurance, food aid, emergency assistance, and other programs because of a 1996 law that arbitrarily decided that certain people were undeserving of help. I know that these restrictions have only exacerbated health disparities and cost state and local governments a lot of money. I do not think that hundreds of thousands of immigrants, including essential workers who often are underpaid to work while exposed to health hazards, should be excluded from programs like Medicaid, CHIP, and SNAP. Please take an important step towards health and racial justice by cosponsoring the LIFT the BAR Act today.