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Pass the Dream and Promise Act today!

Dear Senator,

As your constituent, I am writing to urge you to support the millions of hardworking immigrants in our country who contribute to our communities and economy by passing the strongest version of the Dream and Promise Act. The House just passed it, and now it’s time for the Senate to act. I support this bill because it will provide a pathway to citizenship immediately for DACA, TPS, and DED recipients, many of whom are family members, friends, and members of my community.

These are residents with long-standing ties to our communities, some of whom have spent virtually their whole lives in the U.S. Many of them are homeowners, business owners, colleagues, and parents of U.S. citizen children, or have served in the U.S. military.

And while DACA, TPS, and DED recipients need relief now, these final bills should not leave anyone behind. I urge you to make it the strongest bill it can be and to remove provisions that unjustly exclude immigrants who have been subject to the racialized consequences of the criminal legal system, which disproportionately harms Black and Brown people.

If America and its promise of freedom and opportunity are to thrive, then immigrants must have the freedom and opportunity to thrive.

I am urging you, as my Senator, to lead courageously and remove these proposed exclusions and quickly vote for the most inclusive version of the Dream and Promise Act that will transform the lives of millions of immigrants and our communities.

Thank you.