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Fight for Citizenship in the Reconciliation Bill!

Dear Senator,

As your constituent, with the Build Back Better plan coming before you, I am calling upon you to hold the line for immigrants. Now more than ever, I am urging you to put your constituents first and to do everything in your power to deliver a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants. This bill represents the only real chance to finally help our communities secure citizenship, amongst other important supports.

Immigrants’ lives and freedom to thrive should not be decided by one unelected advisor. Senators have overridden parliamentarian rulings in the past to overcome our nation’s pressing issues, and this time, I am asking that you do so again.

I urge you to stand strong for immigrants because the transformative investments laid out in this bill are crucial and life-changing for millions. Voters gave you a mandate to enact change and we expect you to break through decades of partisan gridlock to finally deliver.

The Senate must ensure that the final budget reconciliation bill retains the most inclusive policies that provide a pathway to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented people living in the U.S., as well as economic and healthcare supports and workplace protections.

Thank you.