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Title VI - Providing Services - Limited English Proficiency



Federal Agency Guidance on Complying with Title VI

Providing Services to Limited English-Proficient (LEP) Persons

Under an executive order issued by the Clinton administration, federal agencies that fund programs and services conducted by non-federal recipients must develop guidance to their recipients on providing reasonable access for limited English-proficient (LEP) persons.  An Oct. 26, 2001, clarifying memorandum from the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) reiterated agencies' obligation to develop such guidance and directed agencies to publish their guidance for public comment.  Links to subsequent memos and other related information are available from "Limited English Proficiency: A Federal Interagency Website."

What follows is a list of links to some guidance-related documents that have been published to date, as well as comment letters submitted by NILC. Guidance documents from government agencies are also available from "Limited English Proficiency: A Federal Interagency Website."