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Information (and Hotline) about the Sept. 28, 2011, Federal District Court Decision

Alabama passed its extreme anti-immigrant law, HB 56, on June 2, 2011. Three groups — a coalition of civil rights organizations, the federal government, and churches — filed lawsuits challenging HB 56. On Sept. 28, 2011, a federal district court issued three decisions saying certain parts of the law may be enforced and other parts will be enjoined for now. (10/5/11)

State and Local Police Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws: A Toolkit for Advocates (AILA, MALDEF, NCLR, NIF, NILC, 3/06, PDF)

Congress Should Oppose Attempts to Require or Authorize States to Regulate Immigration

  • Federal proposals to authorize state regulation of immigration law have repeatedly failed. 

  • State attempts to regulate immigration law are time-consuming, expensive, and unconstitutional.

  • State and local laws attempting to regulate immigration are bad for communities.

  • Many state and local police chiefs oppose local enforcement of immigration laws. 

  • Congress should continue to reject bills that would give police the authority to regulate immigration or authorize state and local immigration legislation. (3/11)

Facts About Federal Preemption

How to analyze whether state and local initiatives are an unlawful attempt to enforce federal immigration law or regulate immigration (6/28/07)

Policies Limiting Enforcement of Immigration Laws by State and Local Authorities