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Our mission is to defend & advance the rights & opportunities of low-income immigrants and their family members.

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CA Dream Act: Organizing Packet Vol. 2 (California Dream Network, July 25, 2011).

This packet was produced by an immigrant student group for a legislative campaign in support of the California DREAM Acts I and II (AB 130 and AB 131). It contains fact sheets on each bill, with a list of organizational supporters, history of the California DREAM Acts, sample talking points, budgetary cost-estimates, proposed resolution language, sample letters of support for state representatives and the governor, sample petitions, tips for talking to the media and policymakers, sample legislative meeting reporting form, contact information for legislative committee members and target legislators, sample call-drive fliers, sample educational flyer with summary, and statistics related to the California DREAM Act.


Washington State DREAM Act: Providing Opportunity to All Students Is an Investment in Washington's Future (OneAmerica) and It’s the Economy: Contributions of Immigrants to Washington’s Economy and the Washington State DREAM Act (Washington State Student Association and OneAmerica).

Two fact sheets in one. The first is introduced thusly: “Education is the cornerstone of our democracy. In Washington State, we have long valued education, fairness, and diversity. The Washington State DREAM Act would build on these values by extending state-based financial aid to our state’s young aspiring citizens, capitalizing on their potential while strengthening our state’s economy.” The second is introduced thusly: “Nearly 1 in 6 Washingtonians are Asian or Latino — Asian and Latino entrepreneurs and consumers add tens of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs to Washington’s economy. The Washington State DREAM Act (access to state-based financial aid for Washington’s young aspiring citizens) is critical to providing our workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete in a global economy.”

Fact Sheet: An Overview of College-bound Undocumented Students (Educators for Fair Consideration, updated January 2012).

Two-page fact sheet includes general characteristics and estimates of the number of undocumented students in the U.S., financial challenges faced by students pursuing a college education, list of states with tuition equity laws and those denying in-state tuition rates to undocumented students, policies of private colleges and universities toward undocumented students, summary of federal laws on access to education for immigrant students and those protecting student records, and a list of additional resources.

New York Dream Act (S.4179/A.6829) Information Sheet (New York State Youth Leadership Council).

Two-pager summarizes the intent of the New York Dream Act, explains the need for and impact of the proposed legislation, describes the eligibility requirements that must be satisfied, and debunks “myths” with “facts” about the act.

Frequently Asked Questions: Pennsylvania DREAM Act (Dream Activist Pennsylvania).

Online FAQ provides background on the Pennsylvania DREAM Act and its eligibility requirements, and answers common questions about tuition equity laws.

Fact Sheet: In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students (Department of Communications and Marketing, University of Rhode Island).

Two-pager explains the mechanics of a proposed in-state tuition policy and the policy’s eligibility requirements, lists the states that have tuition equity laws, explains the economic and demographic impact of the policy, and confirms that the policy would be consistent with the law.


Dispelling Myths about the MD In-State Tuition Bill (SB-167) (Maryland DREAM Youth Committee).

Two-page document provides background on Maryland’s tuition equity bill and its eligibility requirements, and dispels myths related to its cost, beneficiaries, lawfulness, and impact on community colleges.


Support DREAM ACT Legislation Today! (New York State DREAM Coalition).

Blank petition form addressed to Governor Cuomo, Speaker Sheldon, and Majority Leader Skelos.  

Pass the New York Dream Act (S4179/A6829)! (New York State Youth Leadership Council).

Blank petition form addressed to Governor Cuomo, Majority Leader Skelos, and Speaker Silver, urging them to pass the New York Dream Act.


Day of Action for Tuition Equity at Oregon State Capitol This Tuesday (Causa, February 17, 2012).

Describes the business to be discussed at the meeting, invitees, location and time, background on the tuition equity bill, eligibility requirements, and organizations/coalitions supporting the bill.