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DACA Renewal Calculator



Calculate When Would Be the Best Time to Submit Your DACA Renewal Application to USCIS

Are you planning to apply to renew your DACA and wondering when you should send your renewal application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)? The handy calculator available below will help you decide.

You should apply to renew your DACA before it and your employment authorization document (EAD) expire. (Your EAD is the work permit card that was issued to you when you received DACA.) But don't wait until the last minute! If you do, your EAD might expire and you might start accruing "unlawful presence," which can make it hard for you to adjust to permanent legal immigration status in the future.

The best time for you to submit your DACA renewal application to USCIS is 120 to 150 days before the date your current DACA and EAD expire. If you apply within this window of time and USCIS delays processing your application, USCIS may provide you deferred action and work authorization for a short period of time until a decision is made on your case.

And do not send your renewal application to USCIS more than 150 days before your DACA and EAD expire. If you do, USCIS may return your application to you.

To calculate when would be the best time to file your DACA renewal application, use THIS TOOL.

(Download the HTML file, open it, enter your EAD's expiration date in the calculator, and note down the "submit AFTER" and "submit BEFORE" dates. Using this calculator should not take the place of getting advice from a qualified attorney or from an accredited representative of a reputable nonprofit organization that provides legal services to immigrants.)

Remember to plan ahead! It may take weeks or even months to gather all the documents and evidence you need, such as records related to any contact you've had with law enforcement. And it may take a while to get an appointment with a legal service provider or to find a free legal clinic that can help you with your application.