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Principles of Immigrant Integration in Health Care Reform


Coalition for Immigrant Equity in Health Care

The following principles should be hallmarks of any policies, campaigns, or messages promoting health care reform in the U.S. and reflect American values of fairness, opportunity, and community.

  • All people living in the United States, including immigrants, should receive quality, affordable health care coverage and services.

  • Proposals for achieving quality affordable health care for all must be inclusive andnondiscriminatory.  Health reform proposals must seek to create new opportunities for more individuals to obtain affordable health care, while not creating or reinforcing barriers for any one group to obtain basic health care services.

  • Health reform proposals should build on the strengths of public health coverage programs.

  • All workers should be treated equally under any employer-based coverage reform proposals.  If reform proposals require employees to financially contribute, the contribution should only be related to an employee’s ability to pay. 

  • Ensuring everyone has health care coverage is but one step towards making quality health care services affordable and available to people living in the U.S.  Reforms to health care coverage and to the health care system must actually connect people to the health care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford. 

  • Health reform must simplify enrollment and renewal procedures in public and private health insurance coverage, such as eliminating unnecessary and burdensome paperwork and documentation requirements.

  • The health care safety-net system must be preserved and strengthened.

  • Health reform must promote every individual’s ability to receive quality physical and mental health services that meets their needs through culturally and linguistically appropriate care from a choice of providers.

  • Health reform should focus on creating healthy communities and opportunities for individuals to live healthier lives.  Instead of penalizing individuals for unhealthy behaviors, health reform should remove structural barriers in the health care system that make it difficult for individuals to take care of their own health.

  •  Health reform must protect confidentiality and the privacy of individuals.

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