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Our mission is to defend & advance the rights & opportunities of low-income immigrants and their family members.

What's at Stake on Arizona Supreme Court Hearing



Marielena Hincapié on Univision - 4/23/12

 Marielena and Erika Andiola - 4/2/14 Marielena on PBS News Hour - 11/26/13 Advancing the Dream in Arizona - 10/17/13
Marielena on Univision - 7/12/13  Karen on C-SPAN - 6/13/13 Marielena on Huffpost Live - 6/3/13
Marielena on Univision discussing Napolitano's Departure from DHS Karen CSPAN Marielena on Huffpost Live - June
Marielena on All In - 5/22/13 Marielena on All In - 5/17/13 Marielena - Q&A on C-SPAN - 3/18/13
Marielena on All In with Chris Hayes 5-22-13 Marielena on All In with Chris Hayes and Robert Costa Marielena Hincapie being interviewed on C-SPAN
Marielena on The Last Word - 2/5/13 Marielena on The Last Word - 2/1/13 NILC's 30th Anniversary Video
Marielena on the Last Word - 2-5-13 Marielena on the Last Word - 2-1-13 Drawing of advocate helping immigrant in a reception area
Marielena on Democracy Now - 6/26/12 Marielena on Scotus Ruling - 6/25/12 What's at Stake from AZ Hearing - 4/23/12
Marielena on Democracy Now - Supreme Court Ruling On Arizona's "Show me your Papers" Law Marielena on Scotus Ruling - 6-25-12 Mariela on Univision Explaining What is at Stake with Supreme Court Hearing on Arizona's SB1070 - 4-23-12
Ayuda Para Inmigrantes en Alabama - 9/30/11 Dreamers at DNC - 9/30/11 DREAMers Rallying in DC - 8/11/11
Ayuda para inmigrantes en Alabama DREAMers at DNC in 2011 DREAMers rallying in DC 2011
Action Against Arizona's SB1070 - 7/19/11
 Women & Children Resist SB1070 - 7/18/11 Emily Tulli Speaking Out for Workers - 3/23/11
Arizona SB1070 Action Arizona Women and Children Rise, resisting SB 1070
 Women & Children's Advocacy Press  - 7/15/10   Women & Children's Advocacy Hearing - 7/15/10  
Turning the Tide: Women and Children's Advocacy Day Press Conference-July 15, 2010 Women and Children Advocacy Day SB1070 Hearing  

Timeline prepared for our 30th anniversary

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