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Thousands gather in downtown Los Angeles rallying for workers rights and for immigration reform on May 2, 2013.

NILC Webinars & Conference Calls


The National Immigration Law Center would like to keep you informed about the latest developments regarding the rights of low-income immigrants. Join us for webinars in which we have experts discuss different policies and issues impacting immigrants. See below for more information.

DAPA, Expanded DAPA and the Courts: What Will 2016 Bring? (12/10/15)

Immigrant Eligibility and Enrollment for Health Programs in California (11/17/15)

Decision from Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Texas v. U.S. case (11/10/15)

Overview of Immigrant Eligibility Policies and Enrollment Processes for Medicaid, CHIP and the Affordable Care Act Marketplace (10/21/15)

Updates and Action Alerts: Enforcement, DACA, and Litigation (7/17/15)

DACA Webinar Featuring Rep. Luis Gutierrez (6/10/15)

The Texas Decision and Other Executive Action Updates (5/27/15)

DAPA and Expanded DACA: What You Need to Know (4/17/15)

President Obama's Immigration Initiatives (3/24/15)

Taxes & DACA: What do I Need to Know? (3/18/15)

Administrative Relief: The Impact on California and the Health Coverage Link (2/26/15)

The President's Executive Action on Immigration (12/17/14)

What Immigrant Workers Need to Know About Their Tax Obligations: Common Questions About Filing Federal Income Tax Returns (10/14/14)

Innovative Strategies for Providing Health Care to Low-Income Immigrants (6/25/14)

DACA Renewals News & Updates (5/30/14)

Latinos in the Deep South Webinar: Update on Immigration Reform and Immigration Policies (NILC on panel) (5/27/14)

Health Care Reform and Immigration Status in California (5/13/14)

Immigrants and Health Care in California (3/14/14)

Navigating the Application Process for Families That Include Immigrants (2/21/14)